Summer of Love

So the summer of love lasted less than a week after two back to back shootings in Seattle. A 19 year old black kid was murdered and I image he will not get the same kind of funeral that George Floyd got. Very likely no Reverend Al but then the Rev. can’t possibly preach at the over 7000 black on black murder victim funerals every year.

Meanwhile in Chicago over the Father’s Day weekend 104 people shot with 14 dead including a 3 and 13 year old. How many of those funerals will the Reverend Jesse be attending? Both Cities are run by lady democrats who should get there own houses in order before they criticize others. Also both are sanctuary cities, some of whom likely committed some of the above!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

black and white hands mask bussinesman
Photo by Vijay Putra on