The Happiest Place on Earth

No, not Disney World but generally either Denmark or Norway have been voted as having the happiest populations in the world. This would not have been the case in the 1940’s as both countries were occupied by Nazi Germany during the war. After WW2 it was the American Army that keep the Soviets off their doorsteps allowing both to rebuild their countries!

Norway is not a member of the EU because it would have to pay them a ton of money while getting little in return. Denmark is a member but does not use the Euro while considered leaving the EU like the UK has. But I do remember an old joke that when Mickey was going to divorce Minnie, Walt asked him about a rumor he had heard that Mickey thought Minnie was crazy, Mickey then told Walt that he hadn’t said she was crazy, he said she was fucking Goofy!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

pluto costume
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