Making America Worse Again (MAWA)

How ironic that the great great grandkids of southern democrat secessionist and the great great grandkids of northern democrat copperheads have taken control of Lincoln’s party. Their vote for Trump in 2016 will complete the shift of power in the democrat party of Jefferson and Jackson to the great great grandkids of former slaves and illegal immigrants!

The pandemic and the elimination of the filibuster will allow the extreme left wing of the Demmy’s to move the Country as rapidly and as far as they can to the left. The one remaining obstacle to this is our judicial system. This explains Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent call for older judges to retire so that the Repub’s can stall, limit or deny this effort by the Socialist. Expect another Rooseveltian effort to overload the Supreme Court.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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