Holding the Bag

When the TSA was created, instead of adding this cost to the price of a ticket it was buried into the tax code. That of course meant that people who didn’t fly at all or not often were picking up some of the cost of the TSA for folks that flew a lot. Great for frequent flyers and the airlines, not so great for non flyer tax payers. Plus no real reason not to have added this cost directly to the ticket price of all flyers!

All that said have you ever wondered how much faster it would be to get thru TSA if everyone had to check their baggage? How about how much time could be saved by this when enplaning and deplaning without bags? What about how much safer it might be if all baggage was checked?

And that is all I’m going to say about that?

close up photo of baggage sign
Photo by Esther on Pexels.com