Kennedy Curse

Frankly tragic that the family has to keep relearning that they are cursed! But the succeeding generations have increasingly become a big hot mess and it don’t smell exactly like Chanel #2 either. If you’re smart you’ll think about getting into a car or plane with one, ski or take drugs with one, let your young daughter babysit or marry one either! But always awful when a young one loses their life to the family curse or otherwise.

If there was a Profiles in Stupidity award my vote would be for Bobby Jr whose position on vaccines has even been criticized by some of the smarter members of his own family. I really hope that if a vaccine is developed for the Coronavirus that Junior is put at the end of the line! That said the Kennedy’s are way over rated as a political dynasty and apparently not even smart enough to understand that they are jinxed. Is it arrogance, ego, or just plain stupidity?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.


Demmy’s Give Kennedy Center 25 million for Pandemic relief and then the Center furlough employees!