Recently I watched The Irishman with De Niro. There is a scene in the movie where he is standing over 2 German soldiers who are digging their own graves! I remembered by ex-boss telling me that when he was a Captain in General Patton’s G-2 that they would grab German soldiers and he would detail a soldier to take them back to HQ. Because they were a head of enemy lines this could be 10 or 20 miles and then the soldier would have to double time it back to his outfit. My ex-boss said that it wasn’t unusual to see the solider back in line 10 minutes later, implying that the soldier had done what De Niro had done in the movie.

He went on to say how cheap life really was and then regaled me with a story about being in the Hurtigan forest during the Battle of the Bulge and being told that all American’s had retreated thru the forest and to open up on anyone coming thru. They did and unfortunately not all American’s had made it thru and what occurred was largest friendly fire incident during WW2. Yup like is cheap!