Nice Girls Swallow

Unfortunately for Billy Jeff Clinton, Monica was only a mean girl. After Monica finished blowing the prez’s Harmonica the come back kid would end up leaving his jizz on her dress little knowing how this would cum back an bite him! One assumes that the first lady was neither mean nor nice and had given up on relieving her husband’s stress some time ago anyway. Very likely she understood that Billy Jeff had found other second and perhaps third ladies to help him with his stress!

Hillary has yet to apologize to those of us on the right! But Billary did a super job of convincing everyone that it was just about sex instead of committing perjury. As any self respecting redneck will tell you eating ain’t cheating! Monica on the other hand could have save the country a whole lot of grief had she the nice thing and just swallowed!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

human teeth
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