Trigger Happy

In 2018, 55 police officers died as a result of felonious acts with 51 of these murdered by guns! That same year the cops would kill 992 people of which 452 were white, 229 were black and 164 were Hispanic.  The USA black population is 12.1% while the percent killed by cops is 23%, almost twice the black population % wise (229 divided by 992). Of the total killed 939 were men and 52 were women.

The recent police killings in Texas of two black people in their homes is very troubling and does make you wonder if there is too much testosterone in our police departments or perhaps just too many ex-military or just not enough training! Either way the trend in charging and convicting police may well slow down these tragic incidences. We understand that this may result in the police not aggressively pursuing justice as they have in the past but that is not all bad! Sorry but both Texas cops should have only been charged with manslaughter and not murder!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!