Many years ago I knew someone whose  first wife took his namesake son into the garage and turn the car on. He would remarry and have another Junior. Several years later I was working for a Junior whose father had divorced his mother. Senior then remarried and had a second son naming him after himself of course, now having two sons with the very same name!!!

Shortly after this I met a guy who was a #4. When I asked him if his father was #3 he said no that #3 was his oldest brother who had died before he was born. Teddy Roosevelt was a Junior until his father died but his son would became Junior instead of a #3 which is of course what he actually was. Jolt’n Joe had a Junior and Jolt’n Jr. seems not to have been able to live up to Seniors expectations. Must be a bit of an ego trip to do this, thinking of Donald Sr. of course!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!