Nice people finish last

We are no longer focused on getting the best result but rather focused on having the fairest process.  We shouldn’t be very surprised by this as our kids have trunk loads of trophies for coming in last place! To make matters worse they were all on the honor roll as well!

Winning is no longer everything here unless of course you are an Asian immigrant and in that case your winning all of the spelling bees. Until the last one of course where there were 8 winners, Six of whom were Asian. This is sort of like Harvard giving A’s 85% of the time!

In those cases nobody loses and everybody wins. That is until someone else comes along and decides that they would rather get the best result. My guess is, that will be somewhere in Asian where you actually don’t get an award for coming in last place or make the honor roll just because everyone else does. Failure needs to become an option again in America as we learn way more from them than we do from hollow victories.

And that is all I have to say about that!