My god she’s fat again! Over the years I have watched her weight go up and down like a yo yo! What does she do? She goes out and buys a company called weight watchers. This of course is very ironic because that is exactly what everyone on the planet has been doing with her! So what does she do then? She changes the name to WW. A good move!

As for myself I’ve been on a slim slow diet as opposed to a slim fast one for years! The fact is Rome wasn’t dismantled in a day and starvation type diets are very problematic because once you’ve lost the weight you tend to go right back to eating the same things again.

So consider a slim slow diet approach and make one small permanent change to your eating and once you’ve accomplished that make another small permanent change until you’ve lost what you need to. I went from 208 to 175 and have kept the weight off for the last decade. But whatever you do be sure to consult your doctor first!

And that is all I have to say about that!