Geez Ward….

The powers to be understood the power of propaganda given its success in Germany in the 1930’s. It’s why they moved to regulate TV after the war. Ward was only ever going to be hard on his son Beaver and never hard on June’s!

The perfect propaganda storm began first with cable TV to be followed by the World Wide Web. Both of these developments would ultimately negate what the powers to be tried to do with regulated TV. Putting this genie back into the bottle will be hard on the rest of us!

Unfortunately on top of all of this 125 Congressional Democrats voted to give the right to vote to 16 year old’s. However the minimum driving age in New Jersey is 17 and in many other States 16 and half. But not to worry if the 16 year old doesn’t have his/her drive license come election day we are sure their Mommy or Daddy will drive them to the polls!