Gordon Gekko moved to China some years ago and is doing great there! The Chinese are very focused on making the buck. For example if  someone commits a serious crime in China, they are taken straight to the nearest rice patty where someone puts a bullet in their head.

Their organs are then harvested for sale to the highest western bidder while their body is then desiccated so that it can be put on display in a museum somewhere in the USA in return for a bucket load of cash!

These folks are going to beg, borrow, and steal there way to the top and after centuries of being at the bottom of the heap who can blame them. The better class of folk in the West are going to tell you not to worry because by the time they are on top they will be a democracy just like us!

But many of the grandparents of the better class either thought that Hitler’s fascism was not a serious threat or that Stalin’s communism was the way to go. Will their grandkids get it right this time around? Will see…