Voting Rights

Coming off of the purely testosterone driven world war one, the western democracies responded by giving the old fashion women (you know the ones with wombs) the right to vote in an effort to balance out the hormones in the voting booth. Needless to say the new and improved woman (the ones with beards and penises’) already had the right to vote although they very likely didn’t show up at the polls wearing a dress.

Unfortunately, FDR would complain about the estrogen driven “sob sisters” keeping him out of world war two and as a result 60 million dead as opposed to 6 dead Nazis! Since that time we have lowered the voting age to 18 year old’s whose brains have not yet fully developed. Not only this but our 1/2 a brain kids are driving the political conversation in the democracies via social media. The world’s dictators are going to have a field day with this nicer class come world war three!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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