The Republic For Which It Stands

Watching the Roe protests in New York I wondered why they were doing this because as far as I know old fashion New York woman, you know the ones with womb’s as Ricky Gervais calls them can get an abortion just before the fetus/baby exits the birth canal. This of course goes well beyond what Roe had allowed!

Roe, Guns, Praying in public places are just symptoms of what are the real root cause of the socialist left’s discontent! That is States Rights, you can’t effectively impose a socialist/marxist dictum unless you have a monopoly! For example Massachusetts is looking to impose a 4% tax on incomes over 1 million but they could lose more than they stand to gain if those folks just move to the non socialist/non marxist State of Florida!

And that is all I’m saying about that!

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