Ironic that Putin would be referring to his invasion of Ukraine as a De-Nazification pogrom! Especially when you consider that the Ukrainian President Zelensky is Jewish. On the flip side the left handed politicians and media allies are referring Putin as a fan of Czarist Russia when in fact he is a worshiper of the leftist murderer Stalin! Today’s left continues to ignore their on extremism!

Now how many Ukrainian Jews have to be killed before Israel okays the sale of an Iron Dome to Ukraine? Ironic if this decision not to sell them one leads to the demise of Zelensky, but if not one assumes that he would still have the right of return! The Israelis have good relations with both China and Russia and if push comes to shove will the America have the guts to tell them to pick a side!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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