Climate Change Casualties

In 1995 America imported less than 500,000 barrels of oil from Russia and last year imported approximately 20,000,000 barrels. This might have been less had we approved the Keystone pipeline but the climate change idiots lead by Kerry and Biden did not approve the pipeline that would have brought more Canadian gas here as oppose to Russian gas!

In the middle of COP 26 idiot Biden is asking the Russians to pump even more gas for us, which I suppose could have been used by Putin to fund the slaughter of even more Ukrainians. Biden’s moral support for this democracy was to shutdown our embassy and offer Zelenskyy a ride! PATHETIC! Time to move away from absurd climate change political strategies driven by teenagers that effectively force democracies to buy carbon from a mini me Stalin’s!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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