Let’s go Brandon

So the President would prefer to use diplomacy when dealing with Putin, Neville Chamberlain tried the same thing with Hitler! Whiffs of Munich are in the air again! In the meantime Brandon Biden continues to blame inflation on the supply chain and when Lester Holt calls him on it Holt is a wise guy! That is because Brandon expects the left handed media to give him a pass on everything which they generally do!

For example how much artwork has Hunter Biden sold according the the NY Times? If Don jr. did this while his pappy was President the Times would be telling you right down to the last penny! What about Hunter’s computer, if this was Eric Trump’s computer the Washington Post would have already posted everything on the hard drive! And what about ex-daughter in laws book or Jill’s ex-husbands book, ditto! Its time to sue the Media for malpractice!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Photo by brotiN biswaS on Pexels.com