The US Post Office has a monopoly on delivering the mail but losses it shirt every year because Congress won’t allow it to raise postage rates high enough to cover their costs! The Postal Service adds one million delivery points every year, even as mail volume continues to fall. But hey even the 1 million illegal immigrants who sneak into the country every year deserve to get their benefit checks and ballots in the mail six days a week!

Just like magic Congress saved the Post Office 50 billion bucks by not forcing them to pre-fund their employee health benefits while forcing retired postal employees on to Medicare. All this does is to rob Peter to pay Paul by shifting the burden from the Post Office on to the backs of taxpayers who already aren’t paying for the 30 trillion that the idiots in Congress have spent!! Can’t wait for the next bubble to burst as its going to be even worse than the great depression!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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