Republic for which we stand

Back in the 50’s I used to watch Big Brother Bob Emery say the pledge of alliance, and drink a glass of milk while standing in front of a picture of President Eisenhower. In fact my folks almost named me Ike in his honor but then I would have had to marry someone named Tina! We live in a Republic because the founding fathers never wanted the mob to take control but the democrat mob is working hard to dismantle the Republic.

Because America and the democratic West is in decline we are way more focused on having the fairest process rather than achieving the very best result! As a result the West lead by the USA is heading for a global depression which as we know from the last time this happened is the perfect breeding ground for dictators on the left and right to emerge. While a Republic may have had a better shot of withstanding this onslaught this is less so with a democracy. This threat will come from the left!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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