The Party Line

Recently my oldest sister in law succumbed to the third of 3 cancers she would experience over the lat 25 years! As the oldest sister of 3 she was quite opinionated and in the last few years of her life became involved in democrat politics. I remember her saying to me that there was too much money in politics and that corporations should not be allowed to donate, I agreed but added that unions should be precluded as well. When she didn’t reply I knew she was just spewing the party line!

My oldest brother died just before Trump became President and I’m sure he would have voted for him! You either agreed with my brother 100% or he disagreed with you 100%. As the middle kid of nine of us I was not an all or nothing kind of person and as a result we had little to do with each other! As the increasing partisan divide on both sides becomes more entrenched we run the risk of civil war!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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