Feeling Blue

Here are the 10 States with the highest Hispanic populations;

!. New Mexico 48.79%-Blue State

2. Texas 39.34%-Red State

3. California 39.02%-Blue State

4. Arizona 31.33%- Blue State

5. Nevada 28.70%-Blue State

6. Florida 25.58%-Red State

7. Colorado 21.53%-Blue State

8. New Jersey 20.21%-Blue State

9. New York 19.01%-Blue State

10. Illinois 17.12%-Blue State

Once the democrats figure out how to legalize the newest batch of illegal immigrants they will run the table in Texas and Florida! That will create a permanent shift in power to the Demmy’s allowing them to continue to put even more money in their voters wallets!

Photo by Ahmed akacha on Pexels.com