Better Red Then Dead

If things continue to go as they are we will see a depression and war with China in the coming years. The so called liberals will take off their sheep’s clothing in order to display their true Socialist colors! Some of these folks will even refer to themselves as Marxist. No question there will be a Fascist response to this. Hard to say who will prevail but my bet is on Marxism which is a political philosophy that has never been completely rejected by the left!

This time around the millions of dead will not be in the old world but rather in the new one instead! whether this results from a civil war or world war or both remains to be seen. Democracy survived because the last democratic empire handed off world leadership to a new empire that had fully embraced democratic principles. That will not be the case if America hands off world leadership to a Chinese dictatorship!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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