So the Demmy’s attempted to bury this one in a larger spending bill but the so called squad made them pull it out and vote on it separately. I have no problem supplying a purely defensive weapon system to Israel but why are we giving it to them instead making them pay for it! But hey if we are feeling particularly generous and fair minded why are we not giving one to the Palestinians also?

Now while the Demmy’s have had an exclusive on the American Jewish voter they understand that it is not the 2 Muslim Democrat Congress ladies that is giving the Demmy leadership heartburn but rather the strategic realignment between the Jewish Religious Right voters and the the Jewish Non Religious Left voters! The Religious Right voted for Trump while AOC voted present when the Iron Dome bill came up for a vote. She couldn’t vote against her squad but understood that she could’t run for the Senate in New York next year having voted against it either!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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