What goes around comes around and it has in Afghanistan as the Taliban is moving to take control over the country on the very day Biden said we were leaving it! How embarrassing for the US military who spent years training first the South Vietnam army and the Afghan army only to watch both of them to be completely routed!

Biden is not sorry that he pulled the US army out of Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting the right war, which was 20 years too many. What idiot Joe should be sorry about was voting to get us in there in the first place! If we really wanted to win in Afghanistan we should have taken a page from the Taliban who have now done it twice! Yup, War is hell but if you are not going to do everything you need to do to win there then Obama should never have taken us there.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Photo by Sriharsha Chekuri on Pexels.com