Taking a Page

From Larry that is, the 6th richest person on the planet having co-founded Google! Larry Page is now a citizen of New Zealand joining Peter Thiel there who was the founder of PalPal. While millionaires have tended to vote Republican, billionaires have been supportive of the democrat party. Unfortunately for the billionaires as the Demmy’s become increasingly Marxist they are becoming persona non grata!

Many Blue States have seen an increasing exit of their wealthy to Red States. These Blues States have not reduced their spending but have increased both their taxes and debt load. Fortunately for them the pandemic produced a Democrat majority in DC who in turn Federalized the Blue State debt burden. Continued democrat spending will drive even more billionaires to New Zealand. Me, i’m basically on my way to Australia!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Photo by Laker on Pexels.com