Hate Crime

Recently a white Woman was arrested for a hate crime when she spit on a black Woman. It does beg the question that if it had been a black woman spitting on a white woman whether or not the black woman would have been arrested for committing a hate crime. All kinds of bad stuff in human saliva so unless your swapping spit with someone you love it is very likely some sort of a crime either way.

I hate crime but if I was arrested for saying “I hate you” to a black person I would hate, hate crime! For example I hate the black people who looted the Rolex store in NYC during the BLM protest there. Does that make me a racist? Should I be arrested for a hate crime? What if I said I love the black people who looted the Rolex store and the white people who looted the US Capital. Is that a love crime? What does that make me? Yup an idiot!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com