Charlie Wilson’s War

When it came to Afghanistan, Good Time Charlie had it right. Unfortunately what goes around comes around and what we did to the Russians they in turn, returned the favor to America! Things are going to get very ugly there as the Taliban consolidates their power. The big winner is China who will now be calling more of the shots in Asia.

The left will tell you that it was Ronnie Reagan who left the door wide open for Bin Laden in Afghanistan after we beat the Russians there, but it was the left that got us into Afghanistan in a much bigger way and whatever happens after Biden’s retreat there should be on their heads. W has said that things are going to get very ugly in Afghanistan and he is correct. However had Bin Laden not been located there W would never have gone there in the first place and the Taliban would have been doing the same for the last 20 years anyway.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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