The left handed media which is 80% of the total in the USA is already moving to “explain” that the emergence of Xi could not have been predicted. Therefore it is not idiot Biden’s fault that he voted for free trade with China so as to convert the country to a democratic nation! Apparently most of the folks who are writing this line of BS clearly never heard of Chairman Mao who was way more powerful than Xi.

But along comes the worst thing to hit the world since WW2 the Chinese commie pandemic and the left once again pushed back on the possibility that it was man made. Biden only wanted to give his intelligence community 3 months to determine this because once again idiot Joe would look extra stupid for helping to create the next world leader. This piss poor response has only embolden Xi to move against Hong Kong. Now our Pacific commanders are warning about Xi’s next move against Taiwan which will happen during Biden’s last term.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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