Anti Pro Semitic

It was democrat President Harry Truman who helped to create Israel in May of 1948. It looked like “Give ‘Em Hell Harry” was going down in flames in the general election that year. Truman needed every vote he could lay his hands on and in the end his support for the creation of Israel worked out great for him. Today both countries are divided into two political camps with the religious right(s) voting for Trump or Bibi. Trump went after the American Zionist vote last year by handing over to Bibi Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and much of the West Bank.

This of course has put Biden and the Demmy’s between a rock and hard place with a less loyal Jewish voter base that they have had a hammer lock on since 1948. However the far left wing of the Demmy party is no longer willing to give Bibi and his religious right a blank check and have gone so far as to accuse the Israeli’s of apartheid. Very convenient then that Biden’s choice of Secretary of State happens to be Jewish. Could all of this explain the very Pro Semite position that the Biden administration took in the most recent conflict there.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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