According to the idiot son #43 the GOP has become all three of these! Perhaps if “W” had not gone after the guy who tried to kill his Daddy, while grossly underestimating what it would take to succeed maybe the GOP wouldn’t be so isolationist! Had we not been so distracted by his idiot war maybe we would have paid more attention to how China was stealing us blind!

Now as for being nativist is it really too much to expect our so called government leaders to enforce the law and maintain a LEGAL immigration process! George understands that he “has been” put out to pasture by the GOP but then again he should never have been allowed in it in the first place! What this is really about is George W grooming nephew George P for bigger and better things in the GOP. But for the 70 million idiots who voted for Trump in 2020 which also included John Boehner, you gotta be kidding me!   

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Both the left and the right professional politicians have failed America
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