I saw a show on PBS where they interviewed a mayor of a small city with a bunch of empty store fronts in his downtown area. Of course he wasn’t to blame for all this as it was the result of predatory capitalism. I have seen this all before in the small town that I lived in that voted to keep Wal-Mart out of the town to preserve their own downtown businesses. Wal-Mart moved to the town next door, paid their taxes there and the folks who lived in my town had to drive a few extra miles more to Wal-Mart. Lose-Lose for the small town idiots who were mainly listening to the local mom and pop stores who wanted to “preserve” the downtown area (and there sales) but would eventually fold anyway.

Today of course the so-called predatory capitalist is Amazon who frankly was a god send during the pandemic! Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman said that customers vote with their dollars, so the problem isn’t predatory capitalism but in fact predatory customers who are seeking to get the biggest bang for their shrinking buck! In an era of declining incomes who can blame anyone for doing this! A big thank you to both Wal-Mart and Amazon for providing a lower cost and a more convenient way to shop experience. Way to go capitalist!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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