The Good War

For Obama Iraq was the bad war and Afghanistan was the good war. But bugging out of Iraq brought on the head removal folks known as ISIS. Obama’s VP Biden now the Pres. is bugging out of Afghanistan on 9/11, which reminds me of Gampy Bush’s decision to bug out of Iraq #1 after 100 days in what was really America’s last good war!

On 9/12 the Taliban will be moving back in to Kabul and so just like Vietnam we leave behind another embarrassing failure which should never of happened. Afghanistan was never going to be the good war and both the Taliban and Al-Qaida are even stronger than they were on 9/11/01. Can we at least succeed in getting Doctor Afridi out of prison before we exit or is it going to be a complete rout?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.