They say that voters vote with their wallet, so it makes perfect sense that politicians are buying their votes using various schemes depending on the political party involved. One of those schemes involves the increasing mounds of debt we are imposing on our children and grandkids future. These chickens will eventually come home to roast not only in America but in the West as well.

Nobody is talking about the potential for a great depression but then again none of the talking heads were talking about a potential great recession in 2008 either! Our so-called political leaders absolutely do not want to confront this possibility and the last thing the financial community wants to do is start a panic so just like Sargent Schultz they know nothing, they see nothing! But as Treasury Secretary James Baker has alluded to, the two biggest problems in America is the partisan divide (being driven by race) and the debt! Unless these are addressed both issues may lead eventually to a Reign of Terror.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Stupid is as stupid does!
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