John Kerry

I remember when Kerry came back from Vietnam as an anti war activist. It made perfect sense for him to vote against authorizing the first Iraq war but then he would go on to vote for the second Iraq war because having voted against the first war he wouldn’t get elected dog catcher never mind President of the United States had Bush lite got it right! Biden voted the same way as Kerry.

So a few years ago he flys off to Iceland on a private jet to attend a climate change event only to be confronted by a local reporter about this. He responds that a person like him can’t fly commercial which created a bit of an uproar over his recent selection by Biden as his Climate Czar. No surprise then that he is spotted back on a commercial flight. When are the voters going to stop giving these political hacks a complete pass?

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Another great politician but another piss poor leader!
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