Gun Control

What the NRA understands is that it is not about gun control but rather it is about gun elimination. For example the Prohibition movement began as the elimination of all booze and when that didn’t work morphed into the elimination of all saloons. When that effort succeeded it morphed again back to the elimination of all booze. As we all know that didn’t go so well unless of course you were a bootlegger!

However there are two key challenges facing gun prohibition; the first is will the Demmy’s follow the constitution written by a bunch of white guy supremacists and pass an amendment or will they find a way to overcome it or bypass it all together. The other key issue is will they have as much success taking the guns away as they did taking away the booze. With almost 400 million guns in the USA will the anti gun folks succeed or will they make things worse just like the Temperance ladies did. Maybe Biden could go door to door!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

A classic pro demmy/anti repub movie
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