In France recently there was a stink (no pun) when a guy was found innocent of raping an eleven year old girl. Seems there is no minimum age in France for having sex with minors. While in Australia the police are recommending that folks use a consent APP before having sex which would help the cops in there rape investigations. This created another stink with the Aussie ladies!

In America recently a white guy gunned down 8 people, six of whom were Asian because he said that he had become addicted to sex. Some in the left handed media are working over time in an effort to make this look like another awful white supremacy incident but maybe it was just a very tragic “cumofsomeyoungguy” gone very wrong. As they say what goes around comes around and it really is for white guys everywhere these days. Most of this is good but some not so much. For more info on Asian sex spa’s see link

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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