Burden of Proof

In today’s court of public opinion the alleged Perp is guilty until proven innocent. It appears that the standard for guilt today is if you just hurt someone’s feelings. So if you are guy and you hurt a girl’s feelings then you are a sexual harasser. If you are a white guy and you hurt a black girls feeling than you are a racist or worse a racist and sexual harasser. As the Duchess of Markle is a half black and half white woman I suppose it might come down to which half you actually hurt!.

As there are 166 million woman and 40 million black people in the USA there are over 200 million potential hurt feelings that white guys have to avoid hurting or pissing off. The 31% of the USA population who are white guys are being increasingly tagged as white supremacists. This of course is in part being driven by the increasing color divide in America.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Is every perceived slight a racist or antisemitic or sexual harassment or white supremacy?
Is the queen just pissed off with the ex princess or is this a racist act?