Let’s say that the gold standard for who gets vaccinated first is based only on saving the most lives. The chart below would suggest that you start with the oldest group first (85+) and then go to the next most vulnerable group. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any exceptions to this rule as medical workers have a much higher exposure while having a much higher need for them to take care of the rest of us!

In the very blue State of Connecticut not only did our 48 year old Demmy US Senator get the vaccine before health care workers, we are now giving it to 20 something teachers well before older more susceptible folks. This flies in the face of my wife’s private school who have been in class from day one with almost no kids and teachers getting Covid. That of course is the power of the Teachers Union and while they will point out that teachers have gotten Covid and died from it, the question is, are even more people going to get sick or die from Covid because younger teachers got there vaccination before someone at a higher risk. Hiden Biden and the pro-demmy media will never look there!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!        

The average age of teachers is 42 and 75% of whom are woman