Moon Shot VS Vaccine Shot

When you consider how much money JFK spent on the world’s most expensive government PR program NASA manned flight to the moon, you understand just how screwed up our priorities have been here on earth. In the 1960’s we still had (still have) all kinds of diseases we could have eradicated. There are still places that we haven’t explored on planet earth 🌍. But as the say no Bucks, no Buck Rogers and PBS is still extolling Kennedy’s accomplishments for sending Buck to the moon and spending big, big bucks to do this!

This of course is a very easy thing to do when you make absolutely no effort to put it in some overall context. It’s got to be all good when you are not offering up any alternatives as to where else you could have invested that money! Unfortunately 80% of voters are tactical doers who don’t consider the bigger strategic picture and are easily fooled by superficial leaders like JFK, the smarter 1960’s version of today’s President Biden.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

“As we say in the sewer, here’s mud in your eye” Ed Norton
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