My mentor used to say that Ego was the biggest problem in any organization and boy was he right! In his book LOST VICTORIES Field Marshal Manstein could never convince Hitler that he was not a military strategist and as a result Manstein continued to lose one victory after another until Hitler finally fired him. After the War military historian Liddell Hart would write that Manstein was considered the ablest general by his German peers.

In his book ON THE TREADMILL TO PEARL HARBOR US Admiral Richardson said that FDR had two hobbies Stamp collecting and the US Navy. FDR sent Richardson and his ships to Pearl Harbor and Richardson told the President that was a mistake that he would be blamed for. Neither would get the blame after the day that will live in infamy as Roosevelt had already removed Richardson from command of the US Fleet in Hawaii.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

RIP Hilton Valentine
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