Iraq Wars

I’ve often wondered if idiot #43 got us into this mess because Saddam tried to kill his daddy #41 or if the 3rd generation born with the silver spoon up his nose was attempting to out do his second political generation daddy. As someone has written the real question wasn’t why we got a into War #2 but rather why our leaders thought that War #2 was going to be so easy?

The even bigger idiot #46 voted against Iraq War #1 and for Iraq War #2. He would call his boss #44 from Baghdad to thank him for “getting us out of this god dam war” just after #44 announced the withdrawal of US forces in Iraq. This of course lead directly to the explosion of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Way to go #43,#44,#45 and #46 any wonder why it has gone from bad to worse in Muslim Asia?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Welcome to the White House #46
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