Trump had his 3 eyed fish moment the other day! Now as much as some in the left want to make you believe that The Donald was another Hitler and his followers to be Fascists then this is clearly an overstatement! That said the folks that did break in and enter into the capital the other day could have been Brown Shirts. However the majority of these folks stayed outside the building.

This is important to note because the folks that burned down some of our cities last year were not all protesters. However when you consider the difference in response by 80% of the media that leans left to these incidences you understand the huge Propaganda advantage the left has in this country. If eventually an American Stalin and their Bolshevik followers does emerge one can only hope that they too will have their 3 eyed fish moment but one suspects that the media will be serving it up with a side of asparagus and hollandaise sauce and a chocolate soufflé with creme fraishe for dessert!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!