Thank you, Come again

So having sold into the motel and slurp and burp industries there is something called the Patel factor which has to do with the fact that many motels, liquor and slurp and burp stores are owned by folks that look just like Apu. These are hard working folks that will make a very solid contribution to America as long as they pay their taxes!

I have got to tell you that Hank Azaria’s imitation is spot on and the only potentially politically incorrect issue was that the Simpson’s used a white guy as opposed to an actual Apu store owner including the guys that run the two stores in my little town. Instead we go off the politically correct deep end and eliminate the character completely thereby denying work for a real Apu Nahaspeemetilon!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

Grills over and under fire!
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