The BIG One

No we’re not talking about Parker Stevenson’s penis but rather about monopolies that have absolute power. An example would be the US postal service who in-spite of their monopoly lose their ass every year. Another example are the DMV’s and once Bernie and the gang take over our healthcare system you’ll be getting the same kind of lousy customer service from your doctor that you get from the folks who renew your drivers license.

Now back in the good ole days you had the big 3 in Detroit who were run into the ground by the BIG One monopoly UAW plus we are seeing the thousands of public school’s auger in as a result of the BIG One monopoly Teachers Union. Fortunately for car buyers in the USA the UAW could not organize or prevent the importation of non monopoly foreign union made Autos! Unfortunately we can’t export our kids to foreign non union controlled schools!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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