Working very nicely in Asia and especially in China! But there new economy is the West’s old economy in that they produce products with their hands. In the West, capitalism is working very well and especially in the USA. What is different with the New Economy in the West is that we are now producing products using our brains as opposed to our hands!

The old economy required many more hands and as they had plenty of these in the East, these jobs were very welcome there. In the West these jobs were high paying old economy Union jobs! These folks were pissed when they lost their jobs to China and because they didn’t know how to use their brains they would vote for Trump. The new economy in the West does not employ or need as many folks as the old economy in the West did. Nor does it pay as well so the West is experiencing a concentration in income! This shift is pushing the West and especially America toward socialism. This in turn eventually will push the new economy to the East as well.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!