It is leftist leaning folks like Amanpour who make absolutely ridiculous comparisons like she did recently comparing 4 years of Trump with Kristallnacht! In a similar vein I remember comparisons of Nixon to Hitler from media on the left over Watergate! I understand completely when Jewish folks get upset with media folks like this with there over the top NAZI comparisons! I also understand why the 73 million folks that just voted for Trump get upset over being compared to NAZI’s too!  

This is an ironic comparison as some of the folks who voted for Biden recently burned down and looted stores in some of our largest democrat controlled cities! But there is a NAZI comparison that is closer to the truth and that is the Night of the Long Knives campaign that the leftist media conducted against Trump and the Republicans over the last 4 years!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!   

Looks like Portland
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