So we know that as a capitalist republic that we made it to the top of the heap, while the socialist democracy that the left wants us to become will very likely take us increasingly closer to the bottom of the heap! But of course we are no longer focused on getting the best result but instead the fairest process!

The fact is that we have been slowly moving towards a socialist democracy for some time now and are reaching a tipping point where both the republic and capitalism are being actively denigrated by folks on the far left. With Biden and the Dems taking over at least 2/3rds of Washington this anti capitalist republic trend will accelerate. Hiden Biden wants to turn us into the EU of America. The long term economic forecast for the European EU version is for continued lower growth than China and America! Do we really want to join the Europeans in last place?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Coming Soon: Battle Hymn of the Socialist Democrats
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