Gordon Gekko

Currently residing in Asia and doing quite well thank you…

Unfortunately for the West the numbers don’t lie! Debt growth is outpacing GDP growth. The only statistic that the western democracies are currently excelling in is Covid 19 deaths! President Biden wants to move the USA to the European model which will mean slower growth and what few Gekko’s that still remain in the USA will be moving elsewhere! That will have the effect of flattening the income distribution curve in the USA much like it did in Connecticut when the rich moved to Florida!

This is what Bernie and AOC would call a socialistic win/win! Everybody is miserable! Except of course for the families of our powerful politicians who will continue to cash in on there influence peddling schemes. In the old days career politicians like LBJ became multimillionaires directly, today Democrat politicians have to use brothers and/or sons instead! What hasn’t changed is the mainstream media still looks the other way!

And that is all i’m going to say about that!