This makes perfect sense when you consider that my kid’s generation did worse on the SAT than their parents did. One can only imagine just how poorly they are doing today because the Teachers Union “fixed” the SAT test scoring so that no comparisons could be made. Fortunately we can make a comparison from country to country and we are not educationally competitive on the world stage like we used to be! So today getting a college degree is equivalent to High School diploma back in the day!

The Demmy’s of course are going to tell you that the problem is that we are not spending enough money on educating our kids and of course everyone should get a free college degree! This is very popular with their Union allies and voter base! But in the end all we are doing is throwing good money after bad when the fix is to throw a voucher check to parents and let them decide where to send their kids to school. That’s what you call democracy at work!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!